Chicago Lakeside Development is about creating innovative solutions for living, working and recreating in the 21st Century. While our master-plan is estimated to take approximately 30 years to complete, there is plenty of activity on the site today that provides immediate benefit to the community and begins to lay the groundwork for our innovation in the years to come. Below is just a sampling of some of our current initiatives.

South Lake Shore Drive

Chicago Lakeside Development is in the process of extending the iconic Lake Shore Drive (US 41) through the length of the site. This historic thoroughfare will now extend through the Lakeside site, as a residential boulevard with 2 lanes of traffic, a landscaped median, bike lane, parking and will connect to Avenue O and then to the Skyway. This $65MM improvement made with Illinois First Funds is estimated to be completed by Fall 2013. More information on this drive to come.

Chicago Velo Campus

Today, Chicago Lakeside Development is home to the temporary outdoor Chicago Velo Campus, located at 86th Street and Burley Avenue. This bicycle racing track is home to fitness-forward neighbors and Chicago residents, interested in getting involved in this Olympic sport. Bicycles made specifically for the track featuring higher bottom brackets and fixed gears are available to rent at the facility. Elite and professional riders can reach up to 45+miles per hour and juniors over 10 can reach speeds of 25+ miles per hour on the track.

Chicago Velo Campus has plans to develop a permanent indoor world class, 250 meter velodrome that will serve as a setting for a variety of programs from junior development to elite and Olympic development. This new facility is designed to become the anchor of a vibrant sport and health district focused on the spirit of cycling and athletics. The Chicago Velo Campus, will also host world class cycling events as well as being a multi-use facility with a health club, swimming center and other amenities. For more information visit:

Mud-to-Parks Program

Chicago Lakeside Development is a proud member of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources' "Mud-to-Parks" Program, which repurposes nutrient-rich river mud as a base soil for Lakeside’s future green spaces and lakefront parks. The soil is dried mud from the bottom of Lake Peoria 168 miles downstream. The new lakefront parks will extend the iconic Lakeshore Trail the length of Chicago, completing Daniel Burnham's original vision.

The Mud-to-Parks program is a win-win for both Chicago's waterways and land, as sedimentation is currently the biggest threat to Illinois' river systems. By increasing water storage capacity, our river ways and Lake Michigan will have increased navigability, improved living conditions for fish and waterfowl, and improved recreational resources. Click here to learn more about the Mud-to-Parks Program.


The Chicago Lakeside Development has been designated as a LEED-ND certified community distinguished by large open spaces, excellent connectivity, access to public transportation/bike paths and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods. Lakeside is positioned to become a model of sustainable neighborhood development emphasizing a Low Impact Development strategy of compact, walkable districts and creative stormwater strategies that promote Lake recharge. As a LEED-ND pilot project, the plan for Lakeside signifies new and innovative approaches to urban growth on Chicago's south side.

Recently, the Lakeside Marketing Center received LEED-Commercial Interiors. The building was built in 1917 as the Foreign Inspectors' office and later the Credit Union for US Steel Southworks. McCaffery Interests and partners retrofitted the 120 year old structure with Energy Star appliances, energy-efficient lighting, recycled flooring, low-flow plumbing fixture and new windows to take advantage of natural daylighting and views. Low VOC-emitting paint, sealants and adhesives were used in construction, and over 93% of the waste materials were diverted from landfills. Lakeside has a recycling program, bike rack and has procured off-site renewable energy. The grounds contain water-efficient landscaping and a cistern for collecting rainwater. Green design not only makes a positive impact on public health and the environment, it also reduces operating costs, enhances building and organizational marketability, potentially increases occupant productivity, and helps create a sustainable community. 

New Business Investment

Chicago Lakeside Development is investing in regional businesses who can provide needed sustainable goods or services for the future of the community. Most recently, the inagural Chicago Lakeside Development award--a $50,000 grant for clean technology innovation--was presented to South Bend, Indiana's SmarterShade at the Clean Energy Challenge. SmarterShade developed a patented film-based daylight management platform that enables any window to go from clear to dark with the touch of a button for light, heat and privacy control. This innovative technology can be applied as both a retrofit or new-construction solution, and results in energy efficiency gains of up to 40 percent. The SmarterShade solution provides an actionable technology that integrates with and can be readily deployed at Lakeside. Learn more about SmarterShade here.

Community Involvement

Chicago Lakeside Development recognizes the impact our work will have on the surrounding communities. In order to ensure that we are benefiting all neighbors and the City equally, we regularly engage with community organizations and city officials, to learn about the processes and concerns many have with our work. We host quarterly Open House events, at which all members of the community and greater Chicagoland are encouraged to participate, tour and learn about the site. If you have an idea or suggestion, we want to hear from you! For more information, please visit our community page.