Chicago Lakeside Development is a community initiative. Our work is focused on Chicago’s Southeast Side, bringing resources and city involvement to this historic neighborhood. We are conscious that our development work affects our neighbors, and we openly pursue dialogue with community organizations, city officials and local residents to learn about how we can affect positive change.

Today, we support by providing exposure to local businesses, supporting nearby education institutions and community organizations, providing enriching resources to residents and welcoming our neighbors to the site, via quarterly open houses or pre-scheduled tours. Below is just a sampling of our commitment to enriching South Shore.

Community Organizations

We work with local organizations daily to learn how we can best provide to the community, including: Claretian Associates, South Chicago Art Center, Mexican Parade of South Chicago, Neighborhood House, Our Neighborhood Times, South Chicago Chamber of Commerce, 10th Ward Green Summit, Organization of Working Churches, Trees for South Chicago, 7th Ward Business Advisory Council, Clean Streets, Intergenerational Growing Project, EPIC Academy High School, SSA #49, EDGE, South Side Coalition for the Arts, Southeast Chicago Local Art Fair Council, among many others.


In partnership with Chicago Public Schools' Sullivan Elementary School, Lakeside will be donating a parcel of land to the school to the east as the development moves forward, supporting the school's expansion and density increases. Lakeside is also working with the administration to provide support and resources to the school. Lakeside is also parntnering with EPIC Academy Charter School to provide resources and programs to engage students through learning intensives.

Access & South Lake Shore Drive

The extension of Lake Shore Drive through the length of the Chicago Lakeside Development will benefit the South Shore neighborhood by providing a direct thoroughfare to residents and Chicagoans. This increased traffic will help support local business and provide exposure to the great nearby community amenities. Currently, the Chicago Department of Transportation is constructing the extension of the road, and we look forward to its opening in early fall 2013.

Chicago Velo Campus

The Chicago Velo Campus is leading the charge in constructively engaging the youth of the community by providing resources for athletic development, instruction and discipline. By hosting local students, offering regular training sessions, membership programs and mechanic instruction, Chicago Velo Campus is helping youth and adults, providing the knowledge and skills to succeed.

Mud-to-Parks Program

Prior to the work of Chicago Lakeside Development, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the Chicago Park District, residents of the South Shore neighborhood did not have access to the lakeshore, with the exception of the beautiful Rainbow Beach. Thanks to city and state officials, we are preparing for the opening of two full miles of lakefront park parkland, and the eventual extension of the picturesque Lakefront Trail. Today, the shoreline is being fitted for green space, thanks to the work of the Mud-to-Parks program. Upon opening, residents will finally be able to enjoy the lakefront amenities just outside their front door.